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Speaking Testimonials

Read about the experiences my audiences have had with my talks.

"Anümani's powerful presence alone is enough to cause you to shift!"

Christine Kloser
"The Transformation Catalyst", CEO of Capucia and Transformation Books

"You will hang on her every word! Anümani effectively calls you to remember the power and depth of who you are!"

Kara Stoltenberg
Bestselling Author, Mentor, and Healer

"A multi-dimensional experience with a cosmic guide in sacred space. I lost my mind for a while traveling deep into inner space transported by Anümani’s enchanting voice, enhanced by her creative talents, and supported by her authentic Presence. I returned from the inner realm to the outer world with a renewed sense of purpose, hope, and balance (body, mind, and spirit). I left the workshop with Anümani feeling heard, validated, honored, inspired, grounded, and grateful. Words to describe Anümani: Beauty, Truth, Wisdom, Authenticity, and Pure Presence."

Linda Roebuck
MA, Counseling Psychology, Healer, Author, Mentor & Founder of A Community of Transformation (ACT)

"With a presence of humility, integrity and honoring, Anümani shares her knowledge and wisdom as she guides us a through a profound journey of knowing/remembering and connecting to the Divine Self—mind, heart, body and soul."

Ed Roebuck
Healer & Mentor

"Who knew a spiritual leader could be both sweet and spicy! Anümani marries ancient wisdom with an approachable, modern style. When she speaks, I can feel her beautiful voice washing over and healing everyone. It’s incredible!"

Sofia Milan
America’s Sweetest & Spiciest Relationship Expert

"Anümani’s workshops based on her book, Unmasking Your Soul, are phenomenal! She meets each participant where they are and helps them receive a deep insight through her sacred art, meditations, messages from Spirit, and more. Anümani has an amazing way of creating a safe space for inner exploration and inspiration. Whether new or experienced in spiritual practices, each participant feels held and heard as they open to their individual revelation of truth and love."

Lilia Shoshanna Rae
Bestselling Author of The Art of Listening to Angels & Board Council Member of A Community of Transformation (ACT)

"A few colleagues and I had the pleasure of attending 'The Power of Leading from the Inside Out: Mastering Your Womanly Greatness to Become a Conscious Leader!' This was a great opportunity to step out of the loud orchestra of daily life, and listen to space between the notes. Through a series of independent and large group exercises, Anümani inspired us to explore our true selves. She created a safe environment for sharing, and where participants encouraged each other. It was a valuable evening where we left inspired and with one or two new friends!"

Theresa Hummel-Krallinger
"The Corporate Prophet," Seasoned Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Professional Stand-Up Comedian

"Through her own story and her amazing gifts, Anümani has guided many of my clients more deeply into their inner journey. Many people coming to my practice are seeking healing and a deeper awareness and connection to their life purpose, often arising out of trauma and profound personal crises. So often, psychotherapy is about spiritual wounds as well as emotional wounds, a path intertwined but often neglected. Offering workshops and introductory readings on site, Anümani has added meaning and direction along this difficult path, in ways that inspire, support and validate the existence of the divine in each of us."

Dr. Vicky Primer
PhD, LMFT, Certified EMDR Therapist, Certified Reiki I and II, Certified Oncology Reiki I

"I had reached a point on my spiritual journey where I was seeking guidance, and I happened to stumble upon a flier for Anümani’s “A Coming Home to Self" workshop. I am so profoundly grateful that I decided to attend. As I entered the room, Anümani’s presence was enough to begin a vibrational shift in my being, and the shifts continued throughout the workshop. Her expertly crafted exercises and captivating artwork inspired me to delve deep and begin seeking the truth within myself. Through her music and channeled messages, she facilitated a safe space for my soul to guide me to a deeper level of inner knowing. My profound visualizations throughout the evening catapulted me to a newfound awareness of my own spiritual gifts. I am in awe of how much I was able to unlock within myself in such a short time with Anümani’s expert guidance!"

Lindsay Jackson
Music Teacher & Conductor

"Thank you Anümani for an inspiring and moving workshop. Life will never be the same now that I'm hanging out with the HOLY FAMILY! As our group joined the Holy Family and ascended this earthy plane to Divine Christ Consciousness, it was the most exhilarating, peaceful and loving experience. The next morning I continued communicating with the Holy Family and felt so protected, loved and supported. A friend, who also attended the workshops, commented, 'Anümani is the real thing,' meaning she embodies Christ Consciousness and lives her Divine Purpose. Please, I encourage you Anümani to keep up this much needed ascension. Beam us up my friend!!"

Sue Amos

"Anümani's Workshops are truly life changing! I have had profound personal experiences in each one that I have attended and look forward to the next one. There is always something new to learn and also some depth to plumb that gives me insight into what the next work for me needs to be. I come away with an awareness of just what to do next. Thank you, Anümani, for the clarity that you provide."

Rosemary Bredeson
"The Scientific Mystic"

Anümani's Community Signature Talks

The Power of Leading from the Inside Out: Embracing Your Womanly Greatness to Become a Conscious Leader

Society teaches women to play small, be invisible, and dim their light. What ensues are women believing they have to pretend to be someone they’re not to fit in and be accepted, including in their roles as leaders in the world. Yet, the most successful leaders are those who show up authentically at home, within society, and in the workplace. In this talk, we’ll investigate what might be holding you back from embracing the fullness of your womanly greatness so you can be the soulful and conscious leader you’re meant to be and break through to your next level of growth.

A New Way of Being: The Resurrection of the One Self As Within, So Without

For thousands of years, humanity has learned through suffering and pain. This conditioning of our subconscious mind makes us believe hardship is the only way to evolve, grow, and step into our light and greatness. Yet, another way exists. You can choose differently and gain your human and spiritual sovereignty. You are enough. Claim the freedom that is your birthright. Choose you and choose love. Relationship to the One Self within you is the path to self-mastery and the life you’ve always desired. In this talk, you’ll learn about the what and how of this way of being so you can choose differently this time around and create your most brilliant life.

Unmasking Your Soul: 3 Key Principles to Understanding Your Purpose and Reason for Being

Do you wake up every day excited and passionate about what you do and how you do it? If not, then, most likely, you haven't yet found your purpose and reason for being. Understanding who you are and why you're here is the key ingredient to feeling empowered. And, this helps you create the joyful and prosperous life you desire. You hold divine gifts, seeds planted within you even before you were born, that are inherent toyourbeing.These seeds hold all the unique things you can do, only in the way you can. In this talk, we’ll help you discover what those are.

Electrical Engineer & Columbia MBA Turned Modern Day Shaman

Anümani Santos, award-winning author, Modern Day ShamanSM and Columbia University MBA, enriches audiences with her powerful and transformational presence, opening hearts and inspiring minds to new possibilities and a deeper knowing of who they really are! Her greatest passion is empowering transformational leaders, healers, messengers, and teachers to be who they were born to be so they can show up in the world as their most authentic and best selves.

As an engineer, MBA, and previous non-profit executive, she marries her practical (left-brain) business and leadership expertise with the workings of the more creative and intuitive aspects of the right-brain (the realm of Soul). Her greatest gift is in helping her clients understand their purpose and reason for being and bringing their gifts and Soul’s genius into the world. 

Her talks, workshops, and retreats are not your ordinary gathering. With the melding of her art, spiritual wisdom, musical talents, and healing presence, she creates an experience for participants that allows them to open to immediate breakthroughs and new possibilities.

These talks can be customized for your group or community. We also offer custom training, workshops, or offsite retreats to support your needs.

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