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Sisters of the Rose White Rose Flame Retreat Full Payment

Join us in Sedona, Arizona, at the beautiful Elysian Escape and Doodlebug Ranch (about 1.5 hours from the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport) on April 26th to May 1st for a 6-day, 5-night transformational sacred experience! This will be a glorious reunion of the divine feminine with sound transmissions brought forth from the Magdalene Sisters of the Rose, Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, Hathor, Priestesses of the White Rose, the Grandmother Elders, Elohim Angels of Love, and the Council of Light of the White Flame. Mary Magdalene and Isis will be leading the initiations of the White Rose Flame that will take place in our sacred gathering.

We will also be joined by many ascended beings of light, deities, and elemental and nature spirits, including the elements of water and fire to bring purification to your spirit and being. Connected to the purification of the water element, the whales, record keepers of Mother Earth and the ancient civilization of Lemuria, will come forth to transmit sacred sound frequencies that will help you purify your emotional body, remember your origins, and unlock the codes of your Soul’s DNA, bringing your origins forward to a new place of embodiment. The whales will also help you find your own sounds and frequencies of healing and attunement.

Anümani (Elohi Magdalena Rosa) and Pamela (Elohi Maria Rosa), high priestesses of the Rose lineage, will create a safe and sacred space to heal the places within you that are holding trauma and wounds from this life and past. We will go deep within you to heal and restore the parts of you separated out in anguish and bring them back home to your temple of light. Through a sacred symphony of channeled sounds, light language, spoken word, movement, and song you will be immersed and showered in eternal love and grace. Through their voices, Pamela and Anümani, will help you alchemize and melt away your fears and open the doorway for deeper healing, divine communion, and initiation into the Magdalene White Rose Flame, catapulting you into higher levels of consciousness and self-love.

In this Sisters of the Rose White Rose Flame Retreat, you will experience:

  • Channeling, sound alchemy transmissions, and sacred song with Anümani and Pamela to purify your being and temple of light and help you release what's in the way of a deeper embodiment of your Soul’s true origins and that which has separated you from the sacred union with the frequencies of DIVINE LOVE that were seeded within you long ago.
  • Activations of your sacred heart to receive the Magdalene White Rose Flame and be initiated to a deeper remembrance and embodiment of the Christed Sophia codes, anchoring you in more of your true essence and DIVINE LOVE.
  • A sacred space in sisterhood with like-minded women who gather in reverence and devotion to deepening into self.
  • A safe environment where you can speak your truth and ask for what you need.
  • Opportunities to participate in sacred rituals and journal on important Soul and Life questions that will propel you to a deeper understanding of how the DIVINE LOVE of the White Rose Flame wants to express through you and how to embody it.
  • Both group and individual support, as time allows, from Anümani and Pamela to help you achieve whatever breakthrough you are ready to call forth in your life.


Attending the Sisters of Rose Retreat was a wonderful celebration of feminine energy and power, surrounded by open hearts and the pure joy of sharing love, warmth, kindness, laughter and support in an atmosphere that encouraged heart-centered authenticity. Guided by the beautiful transmissions of Anümani Santos and angelic song of Pamela Jane Gerrand, our days were fragrant as we opened our hearts to deeper love and embodying our divine essence. As women are called to return to the truth of who we are; as we seek to calibrate and activate our intentions at the higher frequency of love, this retreat will stay with you and leave you invigorated for days.

Penny Gregorio

From start to finish, the Sisters of the Rose Retreat was just what I needed. Pamela Jane Gerrand and Anümani Santos created a divine, special, safe space for us to be as we were, no apologies or explanations needed. The profound and sometimes humorous channelling, the peace of meditation, the joy of creating a rose mandala and the transformative sound baths healed so much in me and brought me back to wholeness and a deeper connection with the divine feminine. Combine that with a beautiful spirit filled location and delicious food, I'm ready for the next retreat!

Kathy Keegan