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"Anümani's powerful presence alone is enough to cause you to shift!"

Christine Kloser
"The Transformation Catalyst", CEO of Capucia and Transformation Books

"You will hang on her every word! Anümani effectively calls you to remember the power and depth of who you are!"

Kara Stoltenberg
Bestselling Author, Mentor, and Healer

"Anümani is a Healing Presence! Being with her will catapult you into a new awareness of your soul’s wisdom!"

Linda Roebuck
MA, Counseling Psychology, Healer, Author, Mentor and Founder of the ACT Community

"Who knew a spiritual leader could be both sweet and spicy! Anümani marries ancient wisdom with an approachable, modern style. When she speaks, I can feel her beautiful voice washing over and healing everyone. It’s incredible!"

Sofia Milan
America’s Sweetest & Spiciest Relationship Expert

"Anümani embodies her message of light, love, personal power, and wisdom. When she speaks, your heart opens to all that you know is possible. She ignites your imagination as she shares how her heart opened to allow her creativity to flow in such inspiring ways."

Lilia Shoshanna Rae
Bestselling Author of The Art of Listening to Angels and Board Council Member of the ACT Community

"A few colleagues and I had the pleasure of attending 'The Power of Leading from the Inside Out: Mastering Your Womanly Greatness to Become a Conscious Leader!' This was a great opportunity to step out of the loud orchestra of daily life, and listen to space between the notes. Through a series of independent and large group exercises, Anümani inspired us to explore our true selves. She created a safe environment for sharing, and where participants encouraged each other. It was a valuable evening where we left inspired and with one or two new friends!"

Theresa Hummel-Krallinger
"The Corporate Prophet," Seasoned Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Professional Stand-Up Comedian

"Through her own story and her amazing gifts, Anümani has guided many of my clients more deeply into their inner journey. Many people coming to my practice are seeking healing and a deeper awareness and connection to their life purpose, often arising out of trauma and profound personal crises. So often, psychotherapy is about spiritual wounds as well as emotional wounds, a path intertwined but often neglected. Offering workshops and introductory readings on site, Anümani has added meaning and direction along this difficult path, in ways that inspire, support and validate the existence of the divine in each of us."

Dr. Vicky Primer
PhD, LMFT, Certified EMDR Therapist, Certified Reiki I and II, Certified Oncology Reiki I

A Powerful, Wise, Transformational Guide

Anümani (Eileen Santos), enriches audiences with her powerful and transformational presence, opening hearts and inspiring minds to new possibilities and a deeper knowing of who they really are! Her greatest passion is empowering women to be the transformational leaders they were born to be so they can show up in the world as their most authentic and best selves.
As an MBA and ex-nonprofit executive, she marries her practical business and leadership expertise with the workings of the esoteric and mystical realms of the Soul. Her greatest gift is in helping her clients understand their purpose and reason for being and bringing their gifts and Soul’s genius into the world. Those skills that have been traditionally connected with women, like intuition, creativity, collaboration, and heart-centered leadership are needed most in today’s world and that’s what she helps to unmask within her clients.
She uses an exclusive set of Soul Oracle art paintings she created, to help her audiences and clients understand more of who they really are and their Soul’s purpose. Her talks, workshops, and retreats are not your ordinary gathering. With the melding of her art, spiritual wisdom, musical talents, and healing presence, she creates an experience for participants that allows them to open to immediate breakthroughs and new possibilities.

Anümani's Community Speaking Topics

The Power of Leading from the Inside Out: Embracing Your Womanly Greatness to Become a Conscious Leader

Society teaches women to play small, be invisible, and dim their light. And, what ensues are women believing that they have to pretend to be someone they’re not to fit in and be accepted, including in their roles as leaders in the world. Yet, the most successful leaders are those who show up authentically at home, within society, and in the workplace. In this talk, we’ll investigate what might be holding you back from embracing the totality of your womanly greatness so you can be the soulful and conscious leader that you’re meant to be. 

Unmasking Your Soul: 3 Key Principles to Understanding Your Purpose and Reason for Being

Do you wake up every day excited and passionate about what you do and how you do it? If not, then perhaps you haven't yet found your purpose and reason for being. Understanding who you are and why you're here is the key ingredient to creating a joyful and prosperous life. There are divine gifts (cosmic superpowers) that are inherent to your being. These cosmic superpowers are the things that you can do, only in the way that you can. When you discover what these are for you, your life will never be the same again. 

Unmasking the Alchemist Within You: 5 Keys to Manifesting Love, Prosperity & Your Dream Life

Have you had trouble manifesting what you want? Has love and prosperity kept itself at arm's length from you? Since the early 1900's, authors like Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill, and Florence Scovel Shinn have shared the secrets of manifestation. But, what does it really take to bring about what you desire most? Understanding what's  in your subconscious mind is key, since that's the part that rules 95% of your behavior and what you attract in your life. There's a key ingredient in alchemy that transforms what you want into reality and it's not what you might think.

Anümani can customize these talks specifically for your audience, group, or organization. These talks can also be run as workshops or retreats specifically for your community or organization.

The Power of Leading from the Inside Out

A video segment from Anümani's talk: The Power of Leading from the Inside Out.


Anümani's Book

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Author | Speaker | Shaman | Coach | Artist

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