Eileen Anümani Santos, is an award-winning and international bestselling author of Unmasking Your Soul: A Transformational Journey of Truth, Light, and Healing and contributing author to the anthology, Pebbles in the Pond (Wave 4). While Anümani spent the first half of her life in the corporate world, first as an electrical engineer, then as a management consultant after receiving her MBA from Columbia University, and finally as an executive for a non-profit organization, all that changed in 2003 when she had a mystical dream that awakened her to a deeper calling.

As an artist, author, ‘Modern Day Shaman’, musician, speaker, and coach, she now works with transformational leaders, messengers, and healers to help them understand their reason for being and bring their gifts and Soul’s genius into the world. She also works with companies to bring conscious capitalism, leadership, and culture to their organizations and teams, engaging employees in creativity, innovation, shared purpose, and helping them show up at work as their most authentic selves.

Anümani conducts speaking engagements and workshops for organizations, communities, companies, and conferences. Check out her corporate and community signature talks. Every Monday, you’ll find her on Facebook Live doing her show, Unmasking Your Soul Conversations, where she interviews guests about their own journey of unmasking.

Watch Anümani on MyNewPhilly’s Organic Living segment, where she talks with host, Trisha Graybill, about her book and purpose-work. If you live in Philadelphia county, you can watch this segment every Thursday in February on Comcast Ch 66/966 at 6pm. She’s also been featured as a guest on various radio programs, including iHeart Radio, Rebelpreneur Radio, and Expert Insights Blog Talk Radio.

This year, she’s volunteering her time as a mentor in The Walnut Club’s (a women’s organization in Philadelphia) Mentoring program.

For information about her services, visit www.AnumaniSpeaks.com.