Sound Alchemy Healing Sessions

  • Do trauma and physical pain interfere with your ability to function on a daily basis?
  • Have you been feeling stuck in your life, unable to bring your dreams to fruition?
  • Are you experiencing repetitive patterns, past-life imprints, and/or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a more joyful life?
  • Are you interested in releasing familial ancestral patterns, karmic ties, or improving family and/or relationship dynamics?
  • Do you have a strong desire to discover and awaken your gifts more deeply so you can live on purpose?

If so, then a sound alchemy healing session is exactly what you need to get you started on your journey of unmasking! Each session is 90-minutes in length and is done in collaboration with the guidance of your Soul.

In this session, you’ll experience an orchestra of channeled sounds, vibrations, light language (the language of the Soul), and ascended beings of light, as we travel through ethereal realms to help you heal and restore your BEing to wholeness, love, and grace!

As you surrender to the calling of your Soul, you’ll release what no longer serves you and awaken to a deeper Truth within youone that is unique to you and only you. Activation, awakening, and integration of the divine gifts that have been seeded in your Soul's DNA will be brought forward to express through you. 

Family/couple’s sessions are run in similar fashion to individual private healing sessions. Family sessions are helpful to families that are interested in releasing ancestral imprints, past-life patterns, improving family dynamics, and/or raising familial consciousness. Couple’s sessions are helpful for those interested in healing any relationship imprints that are in the way of your spiritual evolution, raising your relationship consciousness, and receiving activations that support your spiritual growth as a couple.

Sessions are currently via Zoom video conferencing only. Each session is recorded so that you may listen to it as often as you like, and at your convenience.

It's time to embrace who you really are! Start your transformational journey of Truth, Light, and Healing today!


Pamela Jane Gerrand, Singer/Songwriter, Poet, Speaker, Wisdom Keeper

"My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Our session together yesterday, with the presence of all of the guardians, the angels, the ascended masters, the sisters of the rose…I was and am bathed in the grace of Divine Light and Divine Truth…and imbued with Divine Love. The breath of God, the sound of God…touched the core of my wounds, the depth of my pain, the place where the separation created the wall, the masks…you sent the vibrations of pure love and compassion into every molecule and cell of my being. I am so very grateful. " 

Susan L. Dascenzi, Coach, Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host (The Spiritually Expressed Human)

"Anümani's work is powerful and truly beyond compare as she deeply taps into your Soul and helps you remove the blocks that hold you back. Her gifted insights, intuition, and ability to communicate with your Soul allows her to reach inside of you and, gently and lovingly, assist you in releasing long stuck patterns and beliefs. Her gentle nature, and the way she holds a safe space for you to be who you were meant to be, and her authentic honesty in allowing the words, vibrations, sounds, and songs to channel through her from a place of love, all combine to make her an extremely powerful and gifted teacher, mentor, healer, and transformational leader who inspires, uplifts, and empowers each of her clients. Whatever you have to do to work with her, if you're feeling even the slightest calling, DO IT! You will NOT regret it!!"

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