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Anümani Santos

Modern Day Shaman & Voice Alchemist

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Join me every Monday evening at 5pm EST on the Enlightened World Network (EWN) for my new show, Sound Alchemy for Your Soul. I will be channeling my galactic guides, Ishtar, and bringing through a symphony of sounds, spoken word, song, and light language to help you deepen more into who you are and support you on your spiritual evolution.

Sound Alchemy for Your Soul Show Replay

If you missed last week's show, you can watch the replay by clicking on the image below. In this episode, my guides spoke about letting go of what no longer serves you.

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If you live near Philadelphia, PA or the Wilmington, Delaware area, then please consider joining me in a 5-hour face-to-face Heart Healing Circle.  The next one will be held on Sunday, August 7, from 12pm to 5pm. Stay tuned for more information. 

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Recalibrating You to Your Love Frequency, A Heart Meditation on Enlightened World Network

Humanity continues shifting, awakening, and evolving through this chaotic time of unmasking as we transform old ways of being and patterns that no longer serve the highest potential available to all. In this meditation, we will recalibrate you to your natural state of Divine Love frequency. Through a Sound Alchemy Transmission of vibrations, sounds, song, and light language, you will be showered in the Christ Consciousness to melt away what’s in the way of a deeper connection with the essence of the Love that you are.

Reconnecting with Your Soul Podcast

Join me as I'm interviewed by Parchelle Tashi, host of The Author's Leverage podcast, as we talk about how writers can benefit from tapping into their creative self by connecting into a higher part of their being.

Get Your Book Done Podcast Clip

The episode is called "Writing from Your Soul." If you’re thinking of writing a book, are writing one now, or are already published, I highly encourage you to tune in for information and inspiration to propel you forward on your author journey.


Click on the "Listen to Podcast" link below to access the full interview.


Anümani on MyNEWPhilly's Organic Living Segment!


About Anümani

Anümani Santos, Modern Day Shaman and Voice Alchemist, is a sought-after spiritual teacher and transformational leader who channels powerful activations, delivers talks and workshops that empower heart-centered leaders, entrepreneurs, changemakers, creatives, healers, and messengers to unleash their Soul’s genius and show up in the world as their most brilliant and authentic divine self.

She is a bridge to the Soul and a vessel for many ascended beings (Angelic, Galactic, and Earthly) that channel healing sounds, light language, and activations that work on the cellular level to bring forth healing, awakening, and evolution. One of her greatest gifts is as an activator of the Christ Consciousness.

Anümani is also an artist and the international best-selling author of Unmasking Your Soul: A Transformational Journey of Truth, Light, and Healing (Book 1) and contributing author to the award-winning anthology, Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time (Wave 4). She is the forthcoming author of Unmasking Your Soul: Activating the Sacred Mysteries of the Divine Heart (Book 2).


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