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MBA & Modern Day Shaman

Artist | Author | Channel | Coach | Speaker | Spiritual Teacher


Individuals & Families

Release emotional, physical, spiritual trauma; discover your purpose; Unmask Your Soul and remember who you really are.


Invite Anümani to speak or perform at your group, community, conference, house of worship, or provide customized training or workshops. 


Invite Anümani to speak at your company, conference, or provide customized training or management consulting in conscious capitalism.

New Sound Healing Transmissions Page!

Visit my new sound healing transmissions, meditations, and podcast interviews page for all my latest channeling and interviews!

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Join me for the seventh in a series of free transmissions and activations to connect our Hearts and Elevate our LOVE frequency. My Sirian galactic guides, Ishtar, will be with us to bring us a new teaching along with other ascended beings of light that channel through me. As we join our Hearts and Souls, together we will be sending Mother Earth and all sentient beings healing transmissions and frequencies to awaken and elevate our consciousness. Even if you can’t come in person, please register so we can email you the replay link!

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Sound Healing Transmission Replay (July)

This was the sixth in a series of free Soul Sounding transmissions and activations to connect our Hearts and Elevate our Love frequency. In this transmission, Ishtar (my Sirian guides) channeled a teaching on embodying the spiritual warrior of light within you and letting go of control so that you can deepen into more of who you are. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive notifications on newly recorded transmissions.

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Restoring Yourself to Your Original Blueprint, a Meditation on Enlightened World Network

Join me as we enter a sacred sanctuary to share with you the light codes that can help heal our lives, including areas of physical pain. In this powerfully transformative and beautiful session, I channel Ishtar, Light Language, Archangel Ezekiel, Christed Beings, and many other Beings of Light. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Tell Me Your Story

Listen to my interview with Tiffaney Whipple from DivaGirl and Astral Joy as I share my story. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Get Your Book Done Podcast Clip

The episode is called "Unmasking Your Soul." If you’re thinking of writing a book, are writing one now, or are already published, I highly encourage you to tune in for information and inspiration to propel you forward on your author journey.


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You can listen to my entire episode by clicking on the link below or by searching 'Get Your Book Done' on your favorite podcast player like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.

Anümani on MyNEWPhilly's Organic Living Segment!


Anümani's Story 

Anümani Santos, award-winning author, Modern Day ShamanSM and Columbia University MBA, speaks about Soul in a matter-of-fact way that is bold and refreshing. As she tells her story that took her from electrical engineer, to management consultant, to non-profit leader, to award-winning author and Soul whisperer, she inspires others to do the same—to listen to the small, still voice within and show up as their most authentic self.

Anümani has always been a catalyst for change, helping companies transform and become the best version of themselves—from large Fortune 500, to large non-profit institutions, and emerging and early-stage companies. Now, she gets to do this with individuals and organizations alike. She enriches audiences with her powerful and transformational presence, opening hearts and inspiring minds to new possibilities and a deeper knowing of who they really are.

For more than 25 years, Anümani has wowed audiences, beginning her public speaking career during her corporate tenure, presenting solutions, recommendations, and programs to employees and top-level executives. As a prominent channel, she provides the perfect blend of calming and healing presence, credibility, and wisdom that inspires, connects, and captivates audiences to action, beckoning them to release what’s in the way of their most brilliant self.


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