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Can you imagine a life where you're free to be you? In which you don't have to pretend to be someone you're not?

In UNMASKING YOUR SOUL you do just that—become the REAL YOU!

"Let me guide you in discovering the TRUTH that lives within you—a TRUTH that is yours and yours alone. It's time to AWAKEN to your DIVINE PURPOSE." ~ ANÜMANI


To begin the healing process, accept and awaken to the divine truth within your Soul. Accepting the truth is a journey of self-discovery in which you UNMASK those areas of your life that are keeping you from expressing your most authentic you.


As you experience this awakening and pierce the spiritual veil, you shift from a sense of separateness to one of connectedness. As you CONNECT with your authentic you—your divine light—you shed the hurts and ego-driven behaviors that no longer serve you.


As you fully EMBODY your divine expression, you unlock your Soul’s
DNA and begin living a more joyful, passionate, inspired, Soul-driven life.

Unmasking Your Soul Book Trailer

A Transformational Journey of Truth, Light, and Healing


In UNMASKING YOUR SOUL, we travel together through twelve chambers of LIGHT that are the keys to unlocking the highest and greatest version of YOU.

Unmasking Your Soul Preview

Watch the Unmasking Your Soul book preview given by ANÜMANI's transformational author mentor and publisher, Christine Kloser.

Stage 1: Truth 

In this first stage, we unmask the first four chambers so you may embody Divine Love, Divine Power, Divine Worthiness, and Divine Truth. This is where you discover what needs to be unmasked. 

Is it your divine purpose? Do you need to heal something very painful that happened to you that’s holding you back from embracing your power fully? Or do you want to reduce the stress and anxiety in your body so you can see your life choices more clearly?

Whatever it may be, together we create the space for you to intuitively receive what your Soul wants to tell you, here and now, at this moment in your life.

Stage 2: Light

In this second stage, you cultivate a deeper relationship with your divine expression, the light of YOU. We work through the next four chambers of Divine Light, Divine Purpose, Divine Voice, and Divine Wisdom. The deeper you connect with your Soul, the more you’re able to shed the ego-driven behaviors that hold you back from being the REAL YOU. 

At this point in your transformational journey, you begin building your spiritual muscle. Transformation doesn’t happen without some work. You must commit to YOU daily. This means finding your rhythm in your communion with the Divine. The key is connecting with the stillness within you. It is within the stillness that you find the answers you seek.

Stage 3: Healing

In this third stage, you embody your true essence, the infinite-loving YOU, and this is when the biggest transformation occurs. We work through the next four chambers of Divine Mind, Divine Passion, Divine Devotion, and Divine Christ Consciousness.

When you embody the highest version of you, guided by your Soul, your life shifts dramatically. You experience oneness with the Divine that allows you to manifest your Soul’s purpose. When you’re living on purpose, things flow through you, in perfect alignment with who you really are. You become high on life because all you do emerges from your deepest desires, fueling the manifestation of your Soul-driven life.

Live Your Purpose

Only you can bring your unique gifts to the world with the inimitable voice that was seeded within your Soul’s DNA. People who are living unsatisfied, mediocre lives, are typically doing so because they believe they must do something, be something, or have something, as opposed to just being who they are. I spent most of my life pretending to be someone I'm not because I thought I had to and didn't know another way. I teach people another way. If you're ready to AWAKEN to your DIVINE PURPOSE and liberate your POWER, VOICE, and SOUL, then sign up below for your free consultation! I know you'll be happy you did! With eternal love ~ ANÜMANI

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Can you imagine a life where you can let go of all your stories and step into a deeper part of you, where you become who you were born to be? What would it feel like to be free to be the REAL YOU and LIVE YOUR PURPOSE? You can have this freedom. Let's talk to see how I can support you on your journey. Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation.


Susan L. Dascenzi
Coach, Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker

Anümani is one of the most gifted spiritual healers I've ever met! Her work is powerful and truly beyond compare, as she is deeply able to tap into your Soul and help you remove the blocks that hold you back. Her gentle nature, the way she holds the safe space for you to be who you were meant to be, and her authentic honesty in all combine to make her an extremely powerful and gifted teacher, mentor, healer, and a transformational leader who inspires, uplifts, and empowers each of her clients. Whatever you have to do to work with her, if you're feeling even the slightest called, DO IT! You will NOT regret it!!

Lauren Fain

Anümani's Private Mentoring program has truly lived up to it's goal and has been a transformational journey of healing. I am so grateful for Anümani and the gifts she shares with the world. All I can say is months ago I was plagued with a diminished sense of self worth that accompanied a failed marriage and an unrewarding job. Now, I love and see me as God loves and sees me so there is no room for that diminished sense of self worth. Anümani has been an excellent guide, unafraid to help navigate in what can be difficult terrain back to truth, light, and, ultimately, healing. If you feel the call to delve deeper, answer it! I am so grateful I did.

Johanna Rucker
Heart Empath

Working with Anümani proved to be a delightful experience on both a personal and professional basis. Lots of laughter, lots of healing, and many revelations including inner gifts from the masters such as The Pearl of Great Price. Anümani's in-depth background with design and corporate work created a rich resource as well. The cards she designed using my energy portraits, including photography and production, have provided a rich new element to my work, an angle I wouldn't have thought of myself. Most importantly, Anümani is a profound, dedicated healer, and I am certain I will be enriched by our work together for years to come.

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