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Sample Sound Alchemy Transmission

In this transmission from December 19, 2021, Ishtar, Anümani's galactic guides, spoke of nourishment for the Body and Soul. Watch and listen to this transmission to receive healing alchemy and light code activations to soothe and calm your central nervous system, body, and Soul. This is one of the types of transmissions you will experience in the Portal of Love.

Portal of Love Creates a Safe Space for You to:

  • Grow spiritually and personally as you learn to better understand yourself and who you are...
  • Cultivate Self-Love, embrace compassion, and restore LOVE in the world together as one Soul family...
  • Be celebrated, seen, and heard as you express your true Soul self and unique gifts to the world...
  • Surround yourself with supportive, loving Souls also undertaking a journey of awakening, deepening, and remembrance of the eternal Soul and Love they are...
  • Bring more love and light into your life and share it with others who fully welcome, appreciate, and honor the light in you...
  • ...and much, much more!

Here's What You Get With Your Membership

For less than a dollar a day, you get:

  • Two live Sound Alchemy Love Transmissions per month (recordings available on the member site afterwards within 24 to 48 hours of the transmission). Anümani will be channeling her galactic guides (Ishtar and Xenon) during these transmissions to support your healing, spiritual awakening, and evolution. One live transmission will be focused on bringing through sound healing frequencies and light code activations for members. In the other live transmission, a channeled teaching will be shared and members will have an opportunity to ask questions, and receive individual support as time allows.  
  • A monthly channeled meditative activation (audio and/or video recording) to support your spiritual evolution, including Soul art meditative experiences.
  • A monthly channeled oracle message (PDF and audio recording).
  • Access to pre-recorded content:
    • An archive of sound alchemy transmissions (10 plus).
    • An archive of meditative activations: Letting Go & Birthing the New through Your Book of Life, Anchoring Your Heart and Soul in the Portal of Love, Haniel of the Light, Lion’s Gate Portal, Awaken to the Golden Star Dust Within You.
    • An archive of previously channeled oracle messages (available in PDF format).
    • Coming in Fall 2022A new masterclass, Unmasking Your Soul: Liberating Your Soul through Sound Alchemy (15 modules of content, about 2.5 hours of video content).
  • Access to special guests that will share their wisdom and gifts with the community.
  • Access to member’s only discussion boards where you can post, ask questions, and share with each other in each section of the Portal of Love.
  • A 20% discount on select services, online courses, and in-person events.

"It is said that the Angel of Forgetfulness presses a finger between our nose and lips as we enter into this world, creating the folds there, so that we forget. We forget who we are. We forget where we come from. We forget why we are here. And we forget that we are Love…until now. When we immerse ourselves into Anümani’s Sound Alchemy Transmissions, we experience an inspiring gift of divine grace. The finger of forgetfulness is lifted from above our lip, and we begin to remember. We remember other lives and other places. We remember our souls singing in languages of light. We remember union with all being and begin to connect with all anew. But most of all, we remember and experience our calling to be vessels of Love. For that is who we are, that is what we are, and that is where we come from…Love. Simply, Love."

Susan Savage-Stevens
PhD, Shamanic Practitioner & Spiritual Astrologer

"I have been blessed to receive several channeled transmissions from Anümani. Recently, I was having a difficult day, both emotionally and physically. I knew I needed a ‘reset’ to reconnect me with who I am. I played Anümani’s recent transmission, and it was profound. I felt that I was experiencing a divine initiation and healing. It was so moving. By the end of the session, I was completely realigned and feeling very peaceful."

Dr. Deb Barnett
Psychologist & Coach

"I've attended several of Anümani’s Sound Alchemy Transmissions and I've loved each one. Anümani’s powerful light language and beautiful singing voice opens my mind for healing and knowledge. I can't get enough of hearing the light language. Thank you for sharing your gifts!"

Lisa Berman


Anümani Santos, Modern Day Shaman and Voice Alchemist, is a sought-after spiritual teacher and transformational leader who channels powerful activations, delivers talks and workshops that empower heart-centered leaders, entrepreneurs, changemakers, creatives, healers, and messengers to unleash their Soul’s genius and show up in the world as their most brilliant and authentic divine self.

She is a bridge to the Soul and a vessel for many ascended beings (Angelic, Galactic, and Earthly) that channel healing sounds, light language, and activations that work on the cellular level to bring forth healing, awakening, and evolution. One of her greatest gifts is as an activator of the Christ Consciousness.

Anümani is also an artist and the international best-selling author of Unmasking Your Soul: A Transformational Journey of Truth, Light, and Healing (Book 1) and contributing author to the award-winning anthology, Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time (Wave 4). She is the forthcoming author of Unmasking Your Soul: Activating the Sacred Mysteries of the Divine Heart (Book 2).

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A Transformational Journey of Truth, Light, and Healing

Can you imagine a life in which you’re free to be you? In which you no longer have to wear a mask and pretend that you’re someone you’re not? Unmasking Your Soul takes you on a transformational journey that empowers you to do just that—become the REAL YOU!

If you’re feeling stuck or worn out, or find yourself constantly filtering your words to please others, this book will gently guide you through the three stages of Truth, Light, and Healing to help you remove your mask and embody your Divine Purpose. You’ll take a sacred journey of discovery—one in which you’ll unveil twelve chambers of your Soul that are the keys to unlocking the highest and greatest version of YOU.

 In Unmasking Your Soul you’ll discover:

  • What’s holding you back from being the real you;
  • How to connect more deeply with your divine light;
  • How to build the spiritual muscle to access your divine gifts;
  • How to embody the highest version of you;
  • How to live a Soul-driven life every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

For members on a monthly subscription, you may cancel at any time. 

If you have a paid annual membership, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. In other words, if you're not completely satisfied, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of trying out the Portal of Love.

Please email [email protected] to cancel your membership and you no longer will be charged.

Two Live Sound Alchemy Love Transmissions: 

One live transmission will focus on bringing through healing frequencies and light code activations for members and will last up to 90 minutes on Zoom. It will occur on one Tuesday a month at 7pm EST. 

In the other live transmission, a channeled teaching/message will be shared and then Anumani will provide individual support to members as time allows. This session will last up to  90 minutes on Zoom. This transmission will take place on a Saturday at 3:30pm EST.

If you miss a monthly live transmission, not to worry! Your replay will be posted on your member site within 24-48 hours so you can watch it at your convenience, as often as you like.

Interacting with Portal of Love Members:

You can post comments, ask questions, and reply to other members through discussion boards available inside each section of the Portal of Love. 


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