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Unmasking Your Soul Book Trailer

A Transformational Journey of Truth, Light, and Healing


Can you imagine a life where you're free to be you? In which you don't have to pretend to be someone you're not?

In UNMASKING YOUR SOUL you do just that—become the REAL YOU!

"Let me guide you in discovering the TRUTH that lives within you—a TRUTH that is yours and yours alone. It's time to AWAKEN to your DIVINE PURPOSE." ~ ANÜMANI


To begin the healing process, accept and awaken to the divine truth within your Soul. Accepting the truth is a journey of self-discovery in which you UNMASK those areas of your life that are keeping you from expressing your most authentic you.


As you experience this awakening and pierce the spiritual veil, you shift from a sense of separateness to one of connectedness. As you CONNECT with your authentic you—your divine light—you shed the hurts and ego-driven behaviors that no longer serve you.


As you fully EMBODY your divine expression, you unlock your Soul’s
DNA and begin living a more joyful, passionate, inspired, Soul-driven life.

In UNMASKING YOUR SOUL, we travel together through twelve chambers of LIGHT that are the keys to unlocking the highest and greatest version of YOU.

Unmasking Your Soul Preview

Watch the Unmasking Your Soul book preview given by ANÜMANI's transformational author mentor and publisher, Christine Kloser.

Stage 1: Truth 

In this first stage, we unmask the first four chambers so you may embody Divine Love, Divine Power, Divine Worthiness, and Divine Truth. This is where you discover what needs to be unmasked. 

Is it your divine purpose? Do you need to heal something very painful that happened to you that’s holding you back from embracing your power fully? Or do you want to reduce the stress and anxiety in your body so you can see your life choices more clearly?

Whatever it may be, together we create the space for you to intuitively receive what your Soul wants to tell you, here and now, at this moment in your life.

Stage 2: Light

In this second stage, you cultivate a deeper relationship with your divine expression, the light of YOU. We work through the next four chambers of Divine Light, Divine Purpose, Divine Voice, and Divine Wisdom. The deeper you connect with your Soul, the more you’re able to shed the ego-driven behaviors that hold you back from being the REAL YOU. 

At this point in your transformational journey, you begin building your spiritual muscle. Transformation doesn’t happen without some work. You must commit to YOU daily. This means finding your rhythm in your communion with the Divine. The key is connecting with the stillness within you. It is within the stillness that you find the answers you seek.

Stage 3: Healing

In this third stage, you embody your true essence, the infinite-loving YOU, and this is when the biggest transformation occurs. We work through the next four chambers of Divine Mind, Divine Passion, Divine Devotion, and Divine Christ Consciousness.

When you embody the highest version of you, guided by your Soul, your life shifts dramatically. You experience oneness with the Divine that allows you to manifest your Soul’s purpose. When you’re living on purpose, things flow through you, in perfect alignment with who you really are. You become high on life because all you do emerges from your deepest desires, fueling the manifestation of your Soul-driven life.

Live Your Purpose

Only you can bring your unique gifts to the world with the inimitable voice that was seeded within your Soul’s DNA. People who are living unsatisfied, mediocre lives, are typically doing so because they believe they must do something, be something, or have something, as opposed to just being who they are. I spent most of my life pretending to be someone I'm not because I thought I had to and didn't know another way. I teach people another way. If you're ready to AWAKEN to your DIVINE PURPOSE and liberate your POWER, VOICE, and SOUL, then sign up below for your free consultation! I know you'll be happy you did! With eternal love ~ ANÜMANI

Private Healing Packages

  • Have you been feeling stuck in your life, unable to bring your dreams to fruition?
  • Is there a physical ailment that’s interfering with your daily life?
  • Are you experiencing a past life pattern that is holding you back from a deeper aspect of yourself and living a more joyful life?

If so, then a private healing session is exactly what you need to get you started on your journey of unmasking! Each session is 90 minutes in length and is directly led by the guidance of your Soul.

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Private Mentoring Programs

Do you wish your life were more in alignment with who you really are? Are you ready to get ‘unstuck’, let go of your fears, and heal the wounds that stand in your way of creating the life you dream of?

If so, then you’re in the right place! One of Anümani's private mentoring programs (see below) will help you do just that—become the Real You so that you can freely express your gifts to the world in a way that’s empowered and authentic.

  • Be Who You Were Born to Be (3-month program includes 11 hours of coaching and energy healing session)
  • Living on Purpose (3-month program includes 22 hours of coaching and energy healing sessions)
  • Soul Love Mastery (6-month program includes 44 hours of coaching and energy healing sessions)

To inquire about these programs, sign up for a free consultation below.

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Can you imagine a life where you can let go of all your stories and step into a deeper part of you, where you become who you were born to be? What would it feel like to be free to be the REAL YOU and LIVE YOUR PURPOSE? You can have this freedom. Let's talk! Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation.

"Anümani is one of the most gifted spiritual healers I've ever met! Her work is powerful and truly beyond compare as she is deeply able to tap into your soul and help you remove the blocks that hold you back. Her gifted insights and abilities to communicate with your Soul and hers allows her to reach inside of you and gently and lovingly assist you in releasing long stuck energy and beliefs. I highly recommend working with Anümani as your life truly won't be the same once you do. If you're feeling held back, like your Soul is calling for something more but you just can't put your finger on what that something is, hire Anümani and I'll find the answers. Her gentle nature, the way she holds the safe space for you to be who you were meant to be, and her authentic honesty in allowing the communications to come through from a place of love, all combine to make her an extremely powerful and gifted teacher, mentor, healer, and a transformational leader who inspires, uplifts, and empowers each of her clients. Whatever you have to do to work with her, if you're feeling even the slightest called, DO IT! You will NOT regret it!!"

Susan L. Dascenzi
Coach, Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker

"Anümani's private mentoring program has truly lived up to it's goal and has been a transformational journey of healing. 2016 proved to be a challenging year not just personally, but for those in my community. This program provided the tools that allowed me to handle those challenges with dignity and grace while being a light to those around me. A few short months ago I was at a crossroads. A decision had to be made. I could continue the path I'd always taken, carrying that undefined uneasiness and uncertainty of whether or not I was on the right track. Or, I could dig in and do the work necessary to uncover the many layers between where I currently stood and where my Soul's purpose lay. I am so grateful for Anümani and the gift she shares with the world. There is an abundance of knowledge gleaned from the teachings, journaling exercises and rituals. I have no doubt they will provide benefits for years to come. It's difficult to sum up how valuable this has been thus far in my journey. I suppose at the end of the day results speak loudest. All I can say is months ago I was plagued with a diminished sense of self worth that accompanied a failed marriage and an unrewarding job. Each week as we dove into each soul chamber, I was able to better understand things about myself and my journey. Anümani has been an excellent guide, unafraid to help navigate in what can be difficult terrain back to truth, light, and ultimately healing. As I write this, I am in such a better place than I was a few short months ago. I love and see me as God loves and see me so there is no room for that diminished sense of self worth. I have gotten to a place of forgiveness and blessing my former relationship, which I previously viewed as not only ridiculous but impossible. I am excited and grateful for the right relationship that will manifest knowing I will no longer be choosing someone out of brokenness. And finally, I had the courage to trust and eventually find a position that was more in line with my interests and a lot less stressful. I could go on but I'll simply say if you feel the call to delve deeper, answer it! I am so grateful I did."

Lauren Fain

"Working with Anümani proved to be a delightful experience on both a personal and professional basis. Lots of laughter, lots of healing, and many revelations including inner gifts from the masters such as The Pearl of Great Price. Anümani's in-depth background with design and corporate work created a rich resource as well. The cards she designed using my energy portraits, including photography and production, have provided a rich new element to my work, an angle I wouldn't have thought of myself. Most importantly, Anümani is a profound, dedicated healer, and I am certain I will be enriched by our work together for years to come. "

Johanna Rucker
Heart Empath

"I was referred to attend one of Anümani's retreats through a very close friend of mine. I had attended retreats before back when I was in Catholic school, but I was never very fond of them. Growing up being very much conflicted in regards to spirituality, I always knew that there was something special within me waiting to be tapped into. I had always looked for someone that could guide me in doing exactly that. As I made my way to the retreat I was very anxious, this was an entire new experience and I was coming out of my comfort zone. As I walked into the retreat, the atmosphere was very calm and collected. Anümani greeted me with open arms and enthusiasm. Almost instantly, I felt overwhelmed with joy, I was finally where I needed to be. This retreat exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Through guided meditation and the support of my new gained spiritual sisters I was able to tap into this almost magical space where I found my Higher Self. It was an absolute life changing experience for which I am extremely thankful for! Something I can only wish everyone would experience even if only once in their life time. I am very grateful to the Universe for making this meeting possible!"

Cindy Diaz

"My retreat with Anümani was truly a life changing experience! Going into it, I had no idea what to expect and was a little scared of what was to come. Immediately, I was able to fully connect. I could feel Anümani's strong, powerful energy from the moment we began. Instantly, I was immersed into the meditations. Anümani makes it so easy to be able to fully embrace the experience. During the meditations, I had the most riveting visions and was literally taken through space and time. I left the retreat feeling like a new person. I felt so happy and complete, like all my worries were gone. Anümani taught me so many valuable lessons that I now use in my day to day life. The most transformational point was when Anümani was able to awaken my spiritual priestess, my ancient soul. I even received her name (Santina) during the retreat. I now call upon my ancient soul, especially in times when I need extra power. Now, I also have the ability to fully tap into my Soul during meditation and have even experienced out of body experiences. Thank you Anümani for such a transformational, uplifting retreat! "

Kristi Santos
Graphic Designer

"Anümani is one of the most powerful spiritual healers I’ve ever worked with! Her energy is clear, powerful and angelic. Her work takes you through an empowering guided healing process into your soul that is highly accurate and spot on every session! Through this process Anümani has facilitated extraordinary transformational healing within me going directly to the root of the pattern to heal it in a way I’ve never experienced with another spiritual healer. It has been a honor to have had the opportunity to work with her and experience the miracles unfold with each session in the healing of patterns from subconscious belief systems I’ve spent years working to clear. I’m deeply filled with gratitude and love for the gifts Anümani brings to this world. She has transformed my life through her work and for that I’m eternally grateful!"

Sara Buchanan
CEO of SuccessIQ

"Anümani is a true gift to all of us and I’m lucky to be a recipient of her gifts! She's able to sense where the root of the problem we are facing is, whether physical or emotional, and find out whether it is from this life or past lives. She then uses her gifts and heavenly team to do all that is necessary to heal, remove and/or restore us to perfect health. I highly recommend you seek her out for any type of problem you are facing, as she will come through for you again and again!"

Toti Cadavid
Author, Entrepreneur, Coach

"Anümani is a direct link to the spiritual realm. A concierge of the souls—helping each soul easily get what they are here to do. When I first came to Anümani I was feeling like my life was spinning. I was feeling self-doubt and confusion around my work like never before, and having a hard time enjoying what I was doing. I was feeling like a failure. During our session, Anümani helped me get to the bottom of it and I felt myself go deep into old scenes from childhood I had no idea were linked to the present experience I was having. She guided me through a process to let go of old pain that I didn’t even realize I was carrying. I literally was able to time travel and heal something that was the CORE of my block in the present. At the end of the session, I felt so blissful, free, and expanded, like I could do anything. There was no doubt that something profound shifted in me. Since the session, the struggle I used to feel is gone. I am seeing huge shifts in my business in terms of the people I am attracting and I no longer am doubting every move I make. It was like a whole team of gremlins that were bugging me were released into the forest and now I have SO much ROOM in my life to just be me. I completely recommend Anümani for all SOULS who feel stuck or just want deeper clarity on their path."

Macy Harjot Matarazzo
Love & Relationship Coach

"Anümani is a warm and open healer. Her ability to make you feel safe allows you to open up and receive the information she is giving. Her authenticity inspires authenticity in you. It's a very natural, organic process and never felt forced or that there was a prescribed plan."

Teena Ferroni
Managing Director, NYC Metro Region at Juno Search Partners

"As a healer, Anümani is extremely insightful. She goes to the origin of patterns that do not serve our highest good, which may go back many lifetimes and thousands of years and clears them. She has helped my daughter and I move forward on a personal and professional level. We better understand the paths we’ve taken, the purpose of select people in our lives and our Soul contract with them. My daughter and I have worked with many gifted healers, yet Anümani exposed us to a new depth of healing. She cleared major blocks that had been preventing us from moving forward in accomplishing our Divine purpose. Anümani is a gentle, compassionate, and understanding, Angel who brings Light and Spiritual growth to all she encounters. If you haven’t already, do work with her. Stay open for an amazing transformational journey that will take you where you’ve never been or even thought to go. You will not be disappointed! "

Karen Buchanan, Ph.D.

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